We Don’t Want Your Custom Coz We’re Out Of Date

I was on CabinCrewDirect.com just (don’t ask!). I actually found them via an AdWords link. I use Firefox out of choice and I think a good 10-15% of people now do the same. So I was shocked to be greeted with this page:

So they design for the bleeding-edge technology that IE4 offers! Didn’t that get superseded like 4 years a go? How chuffing stupid can you get? Especially when you’re ppc’ing to the site!

If any of us affiliates purposely decided to make our sites inaccessible to 10%-odd of possible users wouldn’t we be sent to the funny farm by the networks and merchants?

There are some loons around even still!

The funny thing is that it does actually render perfectly fine in FF but then redirects to that splash page – they can’t even do redirects properly!

And a note to Google – please can you stop sites advertising on Adwords if their site isn’t accessible to a good proportion of your users?

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