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Just had this from someone who works for a client. I might just do a summary blog post on it. But the beauty with most things social, is that we all share ideas – and so they’re not all mine. But after the first quarter of the year is over (my busiest) I’ll be hitting the blog with more useful posts. I’m currently testing a few tactics so I’ll loads of feedback to give.
When will you be bringing out your book on internet marketing and the social media? The one all about ‘how to….’ that takes a complete novice through the hows and whys in a step by step format, such as:
  • How to set up a blog
  • How to write SEO relvant blog articles
  • Where to publish your blog
  • How to chose blog articles to write about
  • How to make Facebook work for you
  • How to make Twitter work for you
  • How to set up your first twitter account
  • How to choose the twitter topics to write about
  • How to choose the facebook topics to write about
  • All about google adwords
  • How to choose relevant adwords
  • How to organise your google adwords account to make it efficient and effective
  • Where to link your adwords to your website and why
  • What about other social media sites – what are they, are they useful
Then the advanced course – how to take all this info and turn it into a strategy for doing it for paid clients – how to find clients, what to charge, what to offer on a regular basis etc, how to write a proposal for the clients etc
If you could do it on a step by step basis, taking someone through from scratch how to sort it all out, with screen shots for each step, I think you’d be onto a winner.
You’ve probably got a lot of it written already, so you could get a £19.99 (or whatever) ebook going – back it up with a £199 course, and a £9.99 a month newsletter with the latest info and what you should be thinking of doing on a monthly basis.
Can I buy the first copy/newsletter subscription please?
PLEASE launch it asap, help me out and make yourself another great stream of income.

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