You Want To Buy But Google Doesn’t Want You To!

Some things I can understand Google messing around with. But when I add the keyword “buy” into a search term that means I want to buy something. However, Google doesn’t seem to think its appropriate.

Doing some checking up on some rankings I find this bit at the bottom of the SERP from one of those keyphrases:

Click on that link just adds the “+” operator before the word buy (obviously ensuring that the word “buy” is included.

But this is crap, but obviously I don’t have the terrabytes of data that Google have. One of the tactics I use for retail clients is to ensure the word “buy” is included on product pages to attract those in a buying frame of mind.

Looking at one of my retail clients there’s a distinct reason for adding it in and the data supports my views (obviously I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise).

On average the site converts at 2.49% for the past month for all search engine visits. If the word “cheap” is used, it converts at 3.57%. If the word “cheapest” is included then it converts at 5.60% and if it includes “buy” its at 4.55%. So if you’re clever and include the top converting keywords then you’re getting more “bang for your SEO buck”.

So why would Google want to get rid of “buyers” out of the SERPS? If we want to buy then show us those pages with “buy” in first.

Mad, annoyed, angry – yep all three!

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