Don’t Do Paid Posts – I Told Ya So!

I posted about Kieron using Paid Posts and incentivised posts before and I put forward my opinion that I didn’t think it was a wise long-term solution to building page rank and relevance.

Just finding a few minutes before the mighty Top Gear I’d thought I’d check out Matt’s blog and saw a nice piece on Pay Per Post-type services. He gives loads of reasons why Paid Posting is wrong, immoral or just inaccurate – and I’m pleased that he’s shown up the fools involved in this form of lazy marketing.

It also makes me chuckle for another reason. I once had a client that left because they wanted to use the SEO services of their designer – fair enough there’s synergies and cost savings there. But I may be more expensive because I’m worth it – I don’t recommend Pay Per Post-type services for a reason – unfortunately the other company thinks its a good idea to build links, not by creating a great site, but by paying people a few quid to prostitute their blogs. I hope the new design company spot their mistake very quickly – before Google wipes your client’s site out. Thankfully that’s never happened to me!

There’s very few short-cuts anymore, when they exist they’re closed quickly. Of course push the envelope with your own sites – but never your clients!

P.s. If Matt can post pictures of his cat so can I (well its the neighbour’s):

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